MediMuses Project


     Research and re-composition of the elements of the common Mediterranean Musical Heritage.


-EN CHORDAIS Musical traditions of Mediterranean, THESSALONIKI, Greece


-Centro Flamenco Paco Pena, CORDOVA, Spain

-ECUME, Echanges Cultures en Mediterranee, MARSEILLE, France

-Scuola di Musica Antica, VENICE, Italia

-Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, BEIRUT, Lebanon

-National Music Conservatory of The Noor Al Houssein Foundation, AMMAN, Jordan

-The Byzantine Festival in London, LONDON, United Kingdom

-St. Lazarus School Of Byzantine Music, LARNAKA, Cyprus


With the participations of Institutions of Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt

Duration: February 2002 January 2005 (36 Months)